Mining waste dumped into Portmán Bay continues to release metals into the sea 25 years later

The waters of the Mediterranean Sea continue to receive dissolved metals from the mining waste deposited in Portmán Bay (Murcia) 25 years after the cessation of mining activity.

A new ICTA-UAB project to assess the impacts of micro- and nano-plastics in the tropical and temperate oceans

A new project led by ICTA-UAB researcher Patrizia Ziveri is one of five projects selected for funding by the Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans).

Big data reveals extraordinary unity underlying life’s diversity

Limits to growth lie at the heart of how all living things function, according to a new study carried out by ICTA-UAB researchers  .

Jeroen van den Bergh, awarded an honorary doctorate by the Open University of the Netherlands

The environmental economist at ICTA-UAB Prof. Dr Jeroen van den Bergh was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Open University of the Netherlands.

Paris Agreement hampered by inconsistent pledges, new ICTA-UAB research finds

Some countries' Paris Climate Agreement pledges may not be as ambitious as they appear, according a new study carried out by researchers from the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB).

High lead concentrations found in Amazonian wildlife

Researchers from ICTA-UAB and the UVic-UCC detect high levels of lead concentration in wildlife samples from the Peruvian Amazon caused by lead-based ammunition and oil-related pollution in extraction areas.

Study gauges trees’ potential to slow global warming in the future

The Pyrenean forests, the Cantabrian coast and Galicia show an important potential to accumulate even larger amounts of carbon dioxide in the future and thus help to slow down the increase in CO2 concentrations which are warming the planet.

Why do environmentalists eat meat?

A study by researchers at the ICTA-UAB analyses the reasons why environmentally-minded scientists find it difficult to give up meat consumption, one of the world's greatest environmental problems.

La gestión del verde urbano permite incrementar la presencia de pájaros en las ciudades

Incrementar la biodiversidad del verde urbano permitiría aumentar la presencia de aves paseriformes en las ciudades mediterráneas, según un estudio científico realizado por investigadores del Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología Ambientales de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB) que analiza qué estrategias hay que implementar sobre la vegetación urbana para conseguir "naturalizar" las ciudades favoreciendo la entrada de flora y fauna.

The Ebro River annually dumps 2.2 billion microplastics into the sea

An ICTA-UAB study analyses the distribution and accumulation of microplastics from one of the main rivers of the western Mediterranean.

European project to support rooftop greenhouses projects

The Institute of Environmental Science and Technology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB) is launching an open call to support rooftop greenhouse projects, in the framework of GROOF Project.

El ICTA-UAB participa en el proyecto que habilitará 10 escuelas de Barcelona como refugios climáticos

El Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología Ambientales de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB) es una de las instituciones impulsoras de un proyecto que habilitará 10 escuelas de Barcelona como refugios climáticos para disminuir el impacto de las altas temperaturas del verano.

New study dismisses green growth policies as a route out of ecological emergency

Researchers from ICTA-UAB and the Goldsmiths University of London suggest that emissions reduction is only compatible with a lower economical degrowth or a degrowth scenario.

Indigenous knowledge, key to a successful ecosystem restoration

Ecological restoration projects actively involving indigenous peoples and local communities are more successful. This is the result of a study carried out by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB).
Doctoral Thesis
Doctoral Thesis  
Author Thesis title Date
Isabel Díaz Reviriego Gendered Networks, Gendered Livelihoods: Fishing, Healing, and Homegardening among the Tsimane, Bolivian Amazonia 2016-03-07
Anna Artigues Agramunt Characterisation and adding value to agro-forestry biomass products obtained form thermochemical processes 2016-02-29
Jenny Lucia Gallardo Fierro Re-thinking oil or doing-as-usual 2016-02-08
Jovanka Spiric Uncovering Redd+Readiness in Mexico: Actors, discourses and benefit-sharing 2016-02-01
Sandrine Laure Gallois Dynamics of Local ecological knowledge. A case study among the Baka children from southeatern Cameroon 2016-01-29
Marta Conde Puigmal Resistance to mining. Enabling factors and control of knowledge in uranium mining conflicts in Africa 2015-12-17
Maria Heras López Exploring The Potential Of Participatory Theatre In Sustainability Science 2015-12-11
Angela Maria Oviedo Sabogal Effects of phosphorus limitation and ocean acidification on coccolithophores in the Mediterranean Sea 2015-12-11
Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares Onrubia Indigenous knowledge of a changing environment. An ethnoecological perspective from Boliavian Amazonia 2015-12-10
Ada Rebeca Contreras Rodríguez Removal of cadmium (II), lead (II) and chromium (VI) in wàter with nanomaterials 2015-11-20
Marco Agnelli Tracing metal-CO2(aq)-sòlid interaction from deep sources to shallow aquifers 2015-11-10
Lourdes Alvarez Prado Rural water sustinability in Latin Americà and the Caribbean. The sanitation boards in Paraguay 2015-10-29
Carlos Antonio Ramos Quiroz Treatment of complex industrial wastewaters through biological processes with granular reactors 2015-10-09
Sara Angrill Toledo Environmental assessment of rainwater harvesting strategies in urbà areas from a life cycle 2015-09-25
María Violeta Vargas Parra Optimizing rainwater harvesting systems in urban areas 2015-09-25
Núria Viladrich Canudas Study of environmental and biological factors that affect larval survival in sessile coastal marine organisms 2015-07-24
Martina Coppari The importance of benthic suspension feeders in the biogeochemical cicles: active and passive suspension feeders in a coralligenous community 2015-07-20
Marta Pujadas Garriga La creació d'un passiu ambiental a Catalunya: història de la planta química de Flix al riu Ebre (1897-2013)" 2015-07-15
Viviana Asara Democracy without growth: the political ecology of the Indignados 2015-07-13
Yolanda Ruíz Franco Scale-up opportunities of microbial electrolysis cells for the hydrogen production from wastewater 2015-05-25
Zora Kovacic Complexity theory in quality assessment: cas estudi es in sustainability science for governance 2015-04-10
Iliana María Monterroso Ibarra Tenure Reforms and socio-environmental consequences: case studies on Guatemala and Nicaragua 2015-02-10
Caterina Maulini Durán Study of the gaseous emissions from material valorization biological processes of solid wastes. Characterization of the volatile organic compound emission 2015-02-04
Yaella Depietri Assessment of Social-ecological Vulnerability to Floods and Heat Waves in the Bonn/Cologne Area (Germany) 2015-01-26
Antonio Malo Larrea El metabolismo social, el Sumak Kawsay y el territorio: El caso de Cuenca, Ecuador 2015-01-15
Luciana de Souza Queiroz Industrial Shrimp Aquaculture and Mangrove Ecosystems: a Multidimensional Analysis of a Socio-Environmental Conflict in Brazil 2014-12-11
Leah Temper Environmentalism of the Dispossessed: Mapping Ecologies of Resistance 2014-12-11
Kristofer Dittmer Alternatives to Money-As-Usual in Ecological Economics: A Study of Local Currencies and 100 Percent Reserve Banking 2014-12-05
Francyne Elías Piera Biomarkers of Bento-pelagic Coupling in Antarctica: a Spatial-temporal Comparison in the Weddell Sea 2014-12-05
Anna Zinenko Making Sense of Corporate Social Responsibility in Danish and Spanish Frontrunners 2014-12-05
Beatriz Rodríguez Labajos Socio-economics of Aquatic Bioinvasions in Catalonia: Reflexive Science for Management Support 2014-12-03
Valentí Rodellas Vila Evaluating Submarine Groundwater Discharge to the Mediterranean Sea by Using Ra Isotopes 2014-11-28
Cristina Madrid López The Water Metabolism of Socio-ecosystems. Epistemology, Methods and Applications 2014-11-28
Maria Elena Méndez López Mecanismos de Participación Local en Tres Esquemas de Conservación: Estudios de Caso en el Sureste Mexicano 2014-11-26
Ethemcan Turhan The Political Ecology of State-Led Climate Change Adaptation: a Study of Labour-intensive Agriculture from Turkey 2014-11-26
Paula Felicidad Rodríguez Escales Modeling of Enhanced in Situ Biodenitrification at Different Scales: Integration of Microbiological, Hydrogeochemical and Isotope Biogeochemical Processes 2014-10-01
Roberto Quirós Vargas Life Cycle Environmental Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Technologies, Organic Waste and Compost Application to Crops 2014-09-15
Joan Manel Fernández Mendoza Environmental Optimization of the Urban Public Space. Action on Pavements and Furniture to Support Sustainable Mobility 2014-07-18
Cyril Antonius Freiherr von Gagern Ecological and Economic Impacts of Distant Water Fishing: Three Empirical Studies 2014-07-17
Núria Montpart Planell Hydrogen Production from Wastewater in Single Chamber Microbial Electrolysis Cells: Studies towards its Scaling-up 2014-07-15
Megan Sarah Nowell The Application of Landscape Ecology Techniques for Managing Disturbed Mediterranean Coastal Seascapes 2014-07-15
Eva Sevigné Itoiz Potential Savings of Resources and Greenhouse Gases Emissions from Waste Management: a Case Study of Spain in a Global Economy 2014-07-15
Zoila Aurora Cruz Burga Percepcion local del impacto de la conservación sobre la población rural en áreas naturales protegidas. Reserva de Bioesfera Montseny (España) y Reserva de Bioesfera Oxapampa Asháninka Yánesha (Perú) 2014-07-04
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Marizete Aparecida Pellaquim Radice Una propuesta metodológica para la evaluación de la calidad de los tejidos urbanos en ámbitos metropolitanos dentro del marco de la sostenibilidad social (Ámbitos Metropolitanos de Barcelona y Buenos Aires) 2014-05-27
Mariana Walter Political Ecology of Mining Conflicts in Latin America. An Analysis of Environmental Justice Movements and Strugles over Scales 2014-04-28
Sergio Alberto Cruz Monteiro de Morais Multimedia Fate Modelling and Impact of Pharmaceutical Compounds on Freshwater Ecosystems 2014-01-22
Patricia Jiménez Amat Centennial to Multidecadal Timeseries of North Atlantic Climatology during the Last Two Glacial-interglacial Transitions and Marine-terrestrial Teleconnections 2013-12-04
Jampel Dell'Angelo Abusing teh Commons? An Integrated Institutional Analysis of Common Pool Resource Governance in Conflict 2013-11-30
Katherine Starr Environmental and Economic Assessment of Carbon Mineralization for Biogas Upgrading 2013-11-22
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François Diaz Maurin The Viability and Desirability of Alternative Energy Sources: Exploring the Controversy over Nuclear Power 2013-10-25
Oswaldo Viteri Salazar Evaluación de la sostenibilidad de los cultivos de café y cacao en las provincias de Orellana y Sucumbíos - Ecuador 2013-10-04
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Elisabeth Gsottbauer Behavioral Economics and Environmental Policy: Theory and Experiments 2013-04-26
Alexander Rincón Ruiz Coca Crops, Forests, People and Anti-drug Policy in Colombia: Towards the Undestanding of a Complex Relationship 2013-03-04
Ana Catarina Cardoso Da Luz The Role of Acculturation in Indigenous Peoples’ Hunting Patterns and Wildlife Availability. The Case of the Tsimane’ in the Bolivian Amazon 2013-02-01
Jaime Paneque Gálvez Mapping, Quantifying and Assessing the Effects of Different Social Factors Underlying Recent Trends in Tropical Forest Cover Change and Biocultural Conservation. A Case Study on the Ancestral Lands of Tsimane' Amerindians (Bolivian Amazon) 2012-12-20
Christian Kerschner A Multimethod Analysis of the Phenomenon of Peak-Oil 2012-12-05
Gisela Chebabi Abramides Effectiveness of an Integrated Vector Management control strategy for the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus): a case study in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) 2012-12-04
Laura Rodríguez Sanz Multi-species planktonic foraminiferal Mg/Ca and δ18O as recorders of surface ocean paleoclimatic processes: 2 case studies from diverse oceanographic regions and timescales 2012-11-23
Catherine Jolibert Governance of Biodiversity: Bringing together society, policy and science. Four studies 2012-11-22
Nancy Guadalupe Arizpe Ramos Understanding Agricultural Change: Integrated Analysis of Societal Metabolism at Different Scales 2012-11-21
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Tito Morales Pinzón Modelling and Sustainable Management of Rainwater Harvesting in Urban Systems 2012-09-14
Francisco Zorondo Rodríguez Natural capital and human well-being: what are the links? A study among rural inhabitants from Kodagu district (Karnataka state), India 2012-07-13
Júlia Martínez Blanco Sustainability Assessment of Municipal Compost Use in Horticulture Using a Life Cycle Approach 2012-07-06
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Paola María Ungar Ronderos Planear en el trópico. Conocimiento y acción en la gestión de parques nacionales en Colombia: el caso del Parque Nacional Natural Amacayacu 2012-05-25
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Laura Talens Peiró Exergy Analysis of Biofuels 2009-09-18
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Carles Martínez Gasol Environmental and Economic Integrated Assessment of Local Energy Crops Production in Southern Europe 2009-07-13
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Nicolas Kosoy Daroqui Trade on Ecosystem Services in Mesoamerica: An Ecological Economics Perspective 2008-03-13
Gonzalo Gamboa Jiménez Enhancing Social MultiCriteria Evaluation for Public Policies. The issue of Global Problems vs. Local Manegement 2008-01-11
Miquel Muñoz Cabre Renewable Electricity policies: an Analysis of Quotas, Feed-in laws and a Proposal for EU harmonization of Feed-in laws 2007-07-24
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Daniela Russi Social multi-criteria evaluation and renewable energy policies. Two case-studies 2007-03-23
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Ignasi Puig Ventosa La reforma fiscal ecologica municipal. Politiques economiques ambientals per a Ens Locals a traves de casos d'estudi 2006-03-17
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Tiziano Gomiero Multi-objective integrated representation (MOIR): an innovative tool for farming system analysis 2005-03-15
Eduard Costa Garangou Processos de sedimentació i distribució de radioactivitat natural i artificial en sistemes aquàtics continentals de Catalunya (Embassaments de Flix i tram català del riu Ebre, Camarasa i llacs pirinencs) 2005-01-10
Maria Teresa Pijuan i Vilalta Effect of different carbon sources and continuous aerobic conditions on the EBPR process 2004-10-15
Olga Lucia Vargas La evaluacion multicriterio social y su potencial en la gestion forestal en Colombia 2004-04-23
Ingrid Vives Rubio Contaminants organics persistents en peixos de llacs alpins i artics 2004-03-22
Barend L. Van Drooge Long-range atmospheric transport and fate of persistent organic pollutants in remote mountain areas 2004-03-18
Silvia Ayuso Siart Gestion sostenible en la industria turistica. Retorica y practica en el sector hotelero español 2003-11-14
Cristina Villanueva Belmonte Subproductes de la desinfecció de l'aigua potable i càncer de bufeta urinària 2003-10-20
Llorenç Mila i Canals Contributions to LCA methodology for agricultural systems. Site-dependency and soil degradation impact assessment 2003-05-16
Eva Piera i Eroles Cinètica de l'oxidació fotocatalítica de l'etanol en fase gas. Estudi de processos de desactivació i regeneració del catalitzador 2003-02-18
Roldan Muradian Trade, environment and development: A political ecology and material perspective 2002-02-14
Jordi Martinez Vilalta Constraints of water transport posed by xylem embolism: implications for drought and frost resistance in woody plants 2001-11-23
Fander Falconi An integrated economic-environmental assessment of the Ecuadorian economy 2001-03-28
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